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Omair Mahmood is a television news producer in Pakistan. His broadcasting career started as a script writer…while moving up and sideways, Omair produced radio programmes, made documentaries, and wrote for English and Urdu publications.

For many years, he is also trying his hands at PhD in Communication Studies. One fine day he will stop procrastinating, and start working on his research.

This blog is about Omair’s journalistic and doctoral exploits. If he learns anything, he intends to share it. It is about news, books, films, trends, experiences, people, or anything worth writing. AND this blog is also a PhD diary.


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A struggling journalist in Pakistan, Omair Mahmood dreams of making it BIG one day.
Before getting famous and filthy rich, he has decided to get it RIGHT and get it WRITTEN.
You can reach him through e-mail
omair_mahmood (at)
OR phone +92-301-8497508

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